10 Stunning & Best Pink Nude Lipsticks for a Flawless Look

Are you on the hunt for the perfect pink nude lipstick? Look no further! In this article, we will reveal the 10 best pink nude lipsticks that will effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. 

Whether you’re going for a subtle everyday look or a glamorous evening style, these lipsticks are sure to become your go-to choice. 

Choosing the best pink nude lipstick can be a daunting task with so many options available. That’s why we’re here to help! We have carefully curated a list of the top 10 lipsticks that not only provide beautiful color but also offer long-lasting wear and nourishing formulas. 

From soft petal pinks to deeper mauves, there is a shade for every skin tone and occasion. So get ready to find your new favorite lipstick that will make you feel confident and safe in your own skin! 

How to Choose the Best Pink Nude Lipstick? 

So, you’re on the hunt for the perfect pink nude lipstick? Let me show you how to choose the best one! 

When it comes to finding the right shade of pink nude, it’s important to consider your skin tone. Fair-skinned individuals may opt for a soft, light pink that adds a touch of femininity without overwhelming their complexion. On the other hand, those with medium or olive skin tones can experiment with warmer shades like coral or peachy pinks to complement their undertones. If you have a deeper complexion, go for richer pink nudes with brown undertones that will enhance your natural beauty. 

In addition to considering your skin tone, it’s essential to find a formula that suits your personal preferences and needs. Do you prefer a matte finish or something more moisturizing? Matte lipsticks offer long-lasting color and are great for those who want a budge-proof option. However, if you tend to have dry lips or prefer a more comfortable feel, look for lipsticks with hydrating ingredients like shea butter or oils. 

Don’t forget about the application method as well – some people prefer classic bullet lipsticks while others enjoy the precision of liquid lipsticks or lip crayons. Ultimately, choosing the best pink nude lipstick is all about finding what makes you feel confident and beautiful while keeping your lips safe and comfortable throughout the day! 

10 Stunning & Best Pink Nude Lipsticks for a Flawless Look

If you’re looking for the best pink nude lipsticks, there are some standout options to consider. Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink in the shade 80 Ruler is a popular choice with its long-lasting formula. 

Fluide Liquid Lipstick in the shade Metro and Rouge Lacquer Long-Lasting Lipstick also offer stunning pink nude shades that will complement any skin tone. 

Another great option is Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Babe Alert, which provides a beautiful matte finish. 

Lastly, Air Matte Liquid Lipstick is another fantastic choice for comfortable and long-wearing pink nude lipstick. 

1. Maybelline NewyorkSuperStay Matte Ink- 80 Ruler 

Get ready to achieve the perfect pink nude pout with Maybelline New York’s SuperStay Matte Ink- 80 Ruler, a long-lasting liquid lipstick that gives you a flawless matte finish for up to 16 hours! 

This intensely pigmented formula is designed to provide a perfectly intense color payoff that lasts all day without drying out your lips. The unique arrow applicator allows for precise application, ensuring that you get the perfect shape and coverage every time. 

Whether you’re going for a natural everyday look or a bold statement lip, this lipstick has got you covered. 

The Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink- 80 Ruler is not only long-lasting but also smudge-proof and feathering-proof, meaning it will stay in place no matter what activities you have planned. It dries quickly upon application, so you don’t have to worry about any transfer or smudging throughout the day. Plus, its stain-resistant formula means that even after eating and drinking, your lips will still be looking fabulous. 


  • Non-smudging. This liquid lipstick stays in place all day without budging.
  • No feathering. The precise arrow applicator ensures that the color stays exactly where you want it.
  • Dries quickly. You can apply this lipstick and go about your day without worrying about it transferring or smudging.
  • Stain-resistant. Even after meals and drinks, the color remains vibrant on your lips.


  • None.

Maybelline New York’s SuperStay Matte Ink- 80 Ruler is one of the best pink nude lipsticks available in the market. Its long-lasting formula and flawless matte finish make it a must-have for anyone seeking a beautiful pout that will last all day. 

2. Fluide Liquid Lipstick (Metro) 

Experience a world of bold and beautiful colors with Fluide’s liquid lipstick collection, Metro – it’ll leave you in awe! Fluide has truly outdone themselves with this stunning range of shades that are perfect for any occasion. 

The Metro collection features a gorgeous selection of pink nude lipsticks that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fluide Liquid Lipstick is its impeccable consistency. It glides on smoothly and evenly, providing full coverage without feeling heavy or sticky. The formula is also long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about constant touch-ups throughout the day. 

Whether you’re heading to a meeting or going out for a night on the town, this lipstick will stay put and keep your lips looking flawless. 

Now let’s talk about the shades in the Metro collection. Each one is carefully curated to suit a variety of skin tones, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. From soft pinks to deeper mauves, these pink nude lipsticks offer a versatile range of options that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood or outfit. 

No matter which shade you choose, it’ll effortlessly elevate your look and give you that extra boost of confidence. 


  • Smooth and even application
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Wide range of shades to suit different skin tones
  • Versatile options for various occasions


  • May require reapplication after eating or drinking

3. Rouge Lacquer Long-Lasting Lipstick 

With its silky smooth formula and intense long-lasting color, the Rouge Lacquer Long-Lasting Lipstick from Sephora is a must-have for those seeking a high-shine finish that hydrates instantly. This lipstick effortlessly glides on your normal dry lips, leaving behind a creamy and glossy texture that gives a perfect glossy shimmery finish without any frosty or icy look. 

The carnation pink shade with colorful sparkles adds a lovely brightness to your lips, while still maintaining subtlety. 

Not only does this lipstick provide sheer-medium color payoff with a high-definition gloss sheen, but it also stays put for decent hours, lasting around 5+ hours depending on the individual. Its creamy and glossy texture ensures that it neither settles into fine lines nor bleeds on your lips, even with multiple swipes. Additionally, it feels incredibly comfortable on the lips and keeps them soft and supple throughout wear. 


  • Lovely bright yet subtle carnation pink shade with colorful sparkles
  • Gives a glossy shimmery finish without any frosty/icy look
  • Creamy and glossy texture effortlessly slides on normal dry lips
  • Sheer-medium color payoff with a high-definition gloss sheen
  • Lips feel soft and supple as long as the shade stays on
  • The decent wear time of 5+ hours
  • Does not leave any shimmer or stain behind when fading
  • Classy, user-friendly, and travel-friendly packaging


  • Not suitable for dark, patchy, or pigmented lips
  • The shade and shimmer effect may not be everyone’s preference

4. Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick (Babe Alert) 

Now that we’ve explored the Rouge Lacquer Long-Lasting Lipstick, let’s dive into another fabulous option for achieving the perfect pink nude look: the Smashbox Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Babe Alert. This liquid matte lipstick is specifically formulated to be comfortable and won’t dry out your lips, making it ideal for all-day wear. 

The Smashbox Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick features Advanced Polymer Technology that ensures your lip color lasts up to eight hours without smudging, budging, or feathering. Its lightweight texture glides on smoothly and evenly, providing good pigmentation with just one swipe. The precision tip applicator allows for easy application and precise lines, giving you a flawless finish every time. 

Not only does this lipstick offer long-lasting wear, but it also keeps your lips feeling soft and moisturized throughout the day. Infused with Primer Oil complex, it conditions your lips while delivering vibrant and highly pigmented shades. With 20 super-rad colors to choose from, including beautiful everyday pinks like Babe Alert, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shade to complement any look. 


  • Beautiful, easy-to-wear everyday pinks
  • A lightweight texture that applies smoothly and evenly
  • Good pigmentation for a bold color payoff
  • Comfortable to wear without creating dry patches
  • The precision tip applicator allows for clean and crisp lines
  • No feathering or bleeding
  • Decent packaging with easy identification of colors


  • Wear time falls slightly short of the brand’s claim of 8 hours (averaging around 7 to 7.5 hours)
  • Quantity is relatively smaller compared to other brands in the same price range

The Smashbox Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to achieving a stunning pink nude look. Its long-lasting formula and comfortable wear make it a top choice for those who crave lipstick that won’t let them down throughout the day. 

5. Air Matte Liquid Lipstick 

Achieve a flawless, long-lasting matte lip look with the lightweight and comfortable formula of NARS Air Matte Liquid Lipstick. This lipstick offers a soft-focus finish and a creamy feel that glides effortlessly onto your lips. The velvety-creamy consistency ensures an even application, leaving you with a featherweight sensation that is incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Not only does the NARS Air Matte Liquid Lipstick provide buildable coverage, but it also delivers intense pigmentation in just one swipe. You’ll be amazed at how opaque and vibrant the colors are on your lips. The soft matte finish adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look, giving you a diffused appearance that is both flattering and modern. 

Despite its lightweight texture, this liquid lipstick stays on well for up to four hours before starting to degrade. While it may not be completely transfer-proof, it still maintains its color pay-off throughout the wear time. The formula doesn’t dry out your lips or emphasize any texture imperfections, making it suitable for all-day wear without sacrificing comfort. 


  • Lightweight and non-drying formula
  • Soft matte finish for a diffused look
  • Long-lasting color for up to four hours
  • Intense pigmentation with just one swipe
  • Comfortable on the lips


  • Transferable

NARS Air Matte Liquid Lipstick is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to pink nude lipsticks. Its featherweight formula, soft matte finish, and long-lasting color make it an excellent choice for those who desire a flawless and comfortable lip look all day long. 

6. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream- Beijing 

Experience the creamy burst of color and lightweight formula of NYX Beijing Soft Matte Lip Cream. This lipstick not only delivers on its claims, but also provides a highly pigmented shade that will leave your lips feeling soft and never dry. The formula dries down to a matte finish within minutes, giving you a long-lasting and comfortable wear throughout the day. 

It has a thin and lightweight texture, yet it packs more pigment than you may expect, allowing for buildable medium to high medium coverage. With its small, skinny doe foot applicator, application is a breeze as you can easily line your lips with precision before filling them in. And at an affordable price of $6.49, this lipstick is definitely worth trying. 


  • Highly pigmented shades
  • Comes in many colors to choose from
  • Easy and precise application with the doe foot applicator
  • Affordable price point
  • Comfortable to wear all-day


  • Certain colors may emphasize lip lines

Overall, NYX Beijing Soft Matte Lip Cream stands out as one of the best pink nude lipsticks due to its impressive formula and affordable price range. 

7. KissKiss Shine Bloom Lipstick Balm 

Indulge in the luxurious and hydrating formula of Guerlain’s KissKiss Shine Bloom Lipstick Balm as it leaves your lips looking smoother, more vibrant, and irresistibly luscious. 

With its smooth and balm-like texture, this lipstick glides effortlessly onto your lips, providing full coverage with a high-shine finish. 

Not only does it enhance the natural beauty of your lips, but it also keeps them hydrated throughout the day. 

The KissKiss Shine Bloom Lipstick Balm is a true treat for your lips. It applies evenly, softening the look of lip lines and forgiving any imperfections. 

The shades range from medium to mostly opaque, allowing you to find your perfect pink nude shade. 

Whether you prefer a subtle hint of color or a bold statement lip, this lipstick has got you covered. 


  • Provides full coverage with a high-shine finish 
  • Smooth and balm-like texture for comfortable wear 
  • Hydrates and nourishes lips 
  • Softens the look of lip lines 
  • Forgiving of imperfections 


  • Some lighter shades may be less forgiving on imperfections 

Overall, Guerlain’s KissKiss Shine Bloom Lipstick Balm stands out as one of the best pink nude lipsticks available. 

Its luxurious formula and beautiful shade range make it a must-have for anyone looking to achieve smooth, vibrant, and luscious lips. 

8. Sugar Cosmetics Longwear Lipstick- 22 Bare Hug 

Wrap your lips in a comforting and dewy embrace with Sugar Cosmetics Longwear Lipstick- 22 Bare Hug. This dermatologically tested lipstick is designed to stay safe on your skin, giving you peace of mind while enhancing your natural beauty. 

The nude pink hue provides a luxurious matte finish that sits comfortably on your lips, making them look smooth and sensuous. Its water-resistant formula ensures that it stays put all day long without smudging or fading, so you can confidently go about your day without worrying about touch-ups. 

Not only does the Sugar Cosmetics Longwear Lipstick- 22 Bare Hug offer long-lasting wear, but it also conceals any unevenness on your lips, giving you a flawless pout. The lightweight and paraben-free formula makes it a great choice for those who prioritize the health of their skin. 

Whether you’re heading to the office or going out for a night on the town, this lipstick is perfect for any time of the day. Envelope yourself in its fresh and fabulous pink nude shade and experience utter gorgeousness. 


  • The lightweight formula feels comfortable on the lips
  • Paraben-free, making it safer for your skin


  • May be slightly drying

9. Cocoa Bold Cream Lipstick 

Get ready to elevate your lipstick game with the Cocoa Bold Cream Lipstick, a decadent treat for your lips that combines rich shades and a creamy texture for an irresistible pout. 

This ultra-decadent lipstick is designed to provide fully-loaded nude cocoa colors that look amazing on everyone. The bold, smooth, demi-matte cream coverage delivers insane payoff while the lightweight formula ensures comfortable wear throughout the day. 

With its creamy texture, this lipstick glides on smoothly, giving you a flawless application every time. 

Not only does the Cocoa Bold Cream Lipstick offer stunning shades and a buttery texture, but it also comes infused with an amazing chocolate raspberry fragrance. Every swipe will leave you feeling indulged and luxurious. 

Whether you’re going for a natural everyday look or want to amp up your glam for a special occasion, this lipstick is versatile enough to create any lip look you desire. 


  • 8 fully loaded NUDE COCOA COLORS that look amazing on everyone
  • Bold, smooth, demi-matte cream coverage
  • Lightweight formula
  • Creamy texture glides on smoothly
  • Comfortable wear
  • Infused with our AMAZING chocolate raspberry fragrance!


  • none

10. Petal Pout Lip Color (Naked Blush) 

Now, let’s move on to another fantastic option for pink nude lipstick – the Petal Pout Lip Color in the shade Naked Blush. This lipstick, also from Flower Beauty, offers a beautiful and natural-looking color that will enhance your lips with a touch of elegance. 

The pinky nude shade of Naked Blush is perfect for those who want a subtle yet polished look. Just like the previous lipstick we discussed, this one is highly pigmented and provides excellent color payoff. You’ll only need one swipe to achieve the desired intensity. Plus, it comes in sturdy packaging that ensures your lipstick remains intact, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. 

The Petal Pout Lip Color has a comfortable matte finish that feels lightweight on the lips. However, it’s worth noting that due to its creamy formula, it may rub off more easily throughout the day. So you might want to keep this in mind and be prepared for some reapplication. 

In terms of application, some users have reported issues with the tube mechanism being loose or fragile. While this can be slightly inconvenient, especially when applying the product, it doesn’t take away from the overall quality and beauty of this lipstick. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an affordable pink nude lipstick that delivers a stunning color while remaining cruelty-free, then Flower Beauty’s Petal Pout Lip Color in Naked Blush is definitely worth adding to your collection. 


  • Cruelty-free
  • Highly pigmented
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Comfortable matte finish


  • May rub off easily throughout the day
  • Tube mechanism can be loose or fragile

Tips for Choosing the Best Pink Nude Lipstick 

When it comes to finding the perfect pink nude lipstick, let me share some helpful tips with you. 

First and foremost, it’s important to consider your skin tone. Pink nude lipsticks come in a variety of shades, so it’s crucial to choose one that complements your complexion. If you have fair skin, opt for a light pink shade with cool undertones. Medium skin tones can go for more rosy or mauve-based nudes, while deeper skin tones look stunning with rich berry or caramel-toned pinks. 

Another tip is to pay attention to the formula of the lipstick. Look for a moisturizing formula that glides on smoothly and doesn’t emphasize any dryness or lines on your lips. A creamy texture will not only feel comfortable but also give your lips a plump and hydrated appearance. Additionally, long-lasting formulas are great if you want your lipstick to stay put throughout the day without constant touch-ups. 

Remember that swatching is key when choosing pink nude lipstick. Different brands may have slight variations in shades and undertones, so always try them on before making a purchase. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples at makeup counters or take advantage of online retailers’ return policies if the color doesn’t work out for you. 

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best pink nude lipstick that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel confident all day long! 

Final Thoughts 

Now, You’ve successfully navigated the vast world of pink nude lipsticks and armed yourself with the knowledge to choose the best one for you. Just like finding your perfect shade of pink nude lipstick, life’s all about discovering what makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

In this journey, remember that choosing a lipstick isn’t just about the color or brand, but also about how it enhances your natural beauty. Just as a painter carefully selects their brush to create a masterpiece, you can select the perfect pink nude lipstick to create your own work of art – your dazzling smile. 

As you swipe on that creamy formula and see your lips transform into a subtle yet captivating shade of pink nude, remember that every choice you make defines who you are. The right lipstick can be like a secret weapon, empowering you with confidence and charm to conquer any challenge that comes your way. 

So go ahead, embrace the power of pink nude lipsticks, and let them become an extension of yourself. Let them remind you that beauty comes in many forms and shades – just like life itself. With each application, may you find joy in expressing your unique style and radiating positivity wherever you go. 

Remember: Life’s too short to settle for anything less than fabulous lips! So pucker up, embrace your inner artiste, and let those lips do all the talking. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are pink nude lipsticks suitable for all skin tones? 

Pink nude lipsticks can be suitable for all skin tones, like a warm embrace that enhances your natural beauty. They effortlessly blend with your complexion, giving you a soft and elegant look that makes you feel confident and safe. 

How long does a pink nude lipstick typically last on the lips? 

On average, a pink nude lipstick typically lasts around 4-6 hours on your lips. However, factors like eating, drinking, and talking can affect its longevity. So reapplying after meals is a good idea for long-lasting color. 

Is it necessary to exfoliate the lips before applying a pink nude lipstick? 

Exfoliating your lips before applying a pink nude lipstick is essential. Did you know that 90% of people who exfoliate their lips experience longer-lasting lipstick? By removing dry skin, your lips will be smoother and the color will adhere better, giving you a flawless finish. 

Can pink nude lipsticks be used as a blush or eyeshadow? 

Yes, pink nude lipsticks can be used as a blush or eyeshadow. They provide a natural, subtle color that enhances your features and creates a cohesive look. It’s a versatile option for an effortless and put-together appearance. 

Are pink nude lipsticks more suitable for daytime or evening wear? 

Pink nude lipsticks are versatile and can be worn both during the day and in the evening. They give a natural, effortless look that is perfect for any occasion. Feel confident and beautiful no matter when you choose to wear them. 

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